Their are several parts to this project, the original paintings, the graphite rubbings, and the photographs, all of which contribute to the work as a whole.


I am looking at mark or gesture as the manifestation of an artist’s identity, with the participation of 12 painters from Azerbaijan and 12 painters from the UK. Each group consists of male and female painters of varied experience and training, to whom I provide the paint and the support on which the paint will be applied to. The surface is an oval wooden board of small dimensions (approx. 15 x 18cm) and the paint provided to each Azerbaijani artist will be in one of three colours, red, blue and green, the colours of the Azerbaijani national flag, and red, white and blue to the British participants, in order to explore connections between personal and national identity. The white colour of the prepared surface may be left apparent, as it is also present in the Azeri flag, though each participant is requested to use only the one colour of paint provided to make their marks.


The process of the making of these paintings is documented through photographs of the artist’s hand applying the paint, and these images form a major part of the final artwork.

When I have collected all the finished and dried paintings, I make a series of graphite rubbings from each of the pieces, to explore texture of the marks. These monochrome works will be shown alongside the original paintings, perhaps in a book form, in order to make manifest the differences and similarities between the marks made.

All the participants are acknowledged for their participation, and their reactions to the finished work will be recorded in writing with their permission, in conclusion to the work.

With the participation of Rashad Babyev; Sabina Shikhlinskaya; Eliyar; Bahram Khalilov; Butunay Hagverdiyev; Huseyn Hagverdi; Shabnam Shukurova; Chingiz; Elena Hagverdiyeva; Aydan Mirzayeva; Aysel Amirova; Shergiyya Rahmanli; Rebecca Fortnum; Sara Willet; Nicola Williams; Clare Mitten; Stephen Williams; Nadine Mahoney; Hannah Blunden; Kimathi Donkor.

This project is near to completion.


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